Summer Camp Information

None of our camps require any previous Taekwondo experience. Anyone between the ages of 6 and 13 can sign up. These are all half-day camps that run from 9am - 1pm. All campers are asked to bring a water bottle and packed lunch each day (no peanuts please). Please have your child wear their Taekwondo uniform, or comfortable clothing if they do not have a uniform yet. You can either download the summer camp from the button below and email it back to us, or pick up a paper copy from the studio the next time you come in. Cost: $250 per week.

Pre-School Camp

May 28th - May 31st

This camp is for 4 and 5 year olds only. They will learn the foundations of Taekwondo including basic kicks, blocks, and “stranger danger” techniques.

Stripe & Curriculum

June 10th - 14th

August 5th - 9th

Campers will experience “Bootcamp style” curriculum training for their respective belt level. Lots of information, and loads of fun!


June 17th - 21st

July 22nd - 26th

Ever want to be a Ninja Turtle? In this camp students will learn Nun-chuck, short stick, and Bo-staff techniques with padded weapons for safety of course.

Salfety & self defense

July 15th - 19th

Campers will learn basic Taekwondo self defense in a progressive style. They will also practice practical hands on self defense in real world age appropriate situations.

Board breaking

August 12th - 16th

Break a TON of boards! But…really what this camp is about is overcoming obstacles and building self confidence. Campers will do things they never thought possible and will have the chance to create their own creative breaking performance at the end of the week.